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Tow Truck Service Los Angeles

Tow Truck Service  Los Angeles will help you out of any roadside problems! Whether you need a lockout in Lynwood, a winch-out in Westwood, or towing to Topanga, Cheap Towing Los Angeles has been THE company to call in Los Angeles for over 40 years! Over four decades of dedicated service has given us the experience to deal with L.A. traffic. L.A. freeways and the L.A. car culture.

Don’t be fooled by our name because we offer the same high-end towing and roadside services as the more expensive towing companies, but at a price everyone can afford.

Yes, it’s hard to believe but true: Cheap Tow Truck Service Los Angeles gets there quicker, handles your vehicle more professionally – and charges you less. How is that even possible? Locations, locations, locations! We keep our tow trucks strategically positioned near Los Angeles hot spots – the 101/405 freeway intersection….the Santa Monica/ Malibu area…. downtown L.A. …so you’re never far away from an Cheap Car Towing Los Angeles. For example, let’s say you need roadside assistance on Wilshire Blvd at rush hour. CallCheap Tow Truck Service Los Angeles first because we can dispatch roadside assistance technicians on motorcycles to cut through L.A. traffic jams like a knife.

You Won’t Find a Better Deal Anywhere in Los Angeles

When we say Cheap Tow Truck Service Los Angeles rates are competitive, we mean fiercely competitive. We are downright serious about being upright. Our services are 24 hour towing Los Angeles call us any time anywhere. At least a quarter of our business comes from repeat customers. Come to Cheap Car Towing Los Angeles for the low prices – stay for the fast and friendly expert service. We suggest you put our emergency hotline phone number in you cell phone contacts today before you need us. if you wait until your car or truck breaks down, it’s too late to start shopping around and hoping you’re getting a decent price.

If We Can’t Do the Job – No One Can!

For over 40 years,Cheap Tow Truck Service has been the go-to service provider for any all kinds of towing, roadside assistance, recovery, winch outs, tire changes, car lockouts and anything else you can think of. Did you know that we can make you a brand new key, at a fraction of the cost it would cost at a car dealership? Whatever your problem, whatever your vehicle, call  Cheap Towing first time, every time.

if we haven’t covered all of your questions yet then please read on!

  •  What is the best way to tow my car?

The best way to tow any vehicle is to call Cheap Towing because we have the experience, the expertise, and the equipment to tow any car or truck.We are the experts that other towing companies call when they get stuck. You need a wheel lift tow truck with dollies – no problem. You need a flatbed with soft straps – no problem. You need a lowboy truck or a Heavy Duty Cheap Towing  tow trucks – no problem, as long as you call Cheap Towing. After three decades in the business in the cheap towing business, we can safely we never met a vehicle we didn’t like, or couldn’t tow.

  •  Is a flatbed tow truck better than a wheel lift tow truck?

Yes and no. A few decades ago, Flatbed Cheap Towing flatbed tows were reserved for fancy cars and rich folks. It was thought that sitting your vehicle atop a flatbed tow truck was more civilized that lifting up the car with a wheel-lift tow truck and dragging it across town.Nowadays, flatbed tow trucks are more common than wheel lift trucks. Some towing jobs, such as low-clearance towing and dolly towing, still require a good old-fashioned wheel lift “wrecker.”

  • Is emergency towing more expensive than regular towing?

Not of you call Cheap Tow Truck Service Los Angeles, where you pay the same low rates whether it’s 3 o’clock in the morning or three o’clock in the afternoon. With us, every single towing job is an emergency and a priority. Some unscrupulous towing companies stick it to you when you’re in a bind; Cheap Tow Truck Service tells you exactly how much you’re going to pay (and save!) by using our service, with zero surprises at the end when the bill comes.

  • How much will I save by using Cheap Towing?

You’ll save money, of course, up to 30% of what you’d pay most towing companies and roadside assistance services. But you’ll also save yourself valuable time and headaches. Cheap Tow Truck Service has been dependable and reliable for almost 30 years, and we’re not planning on slowing down anytime soon. Don’t get stuck at the side of the road shopping around in the middle of the night (or the middle of the freeway). Put the phone number of Cheap Towing in your cell phone for any towing or roadside emergency. If we can’t get to your vehicle in 20 minutes or less…no one can!

Cheap Towing – Our Name Says It All

When you need a tow, a jumpstart or a quick cheap tire change, who do you call?

Your insurance provider or roadside assistance club? Only if you have an extra 3 and a half hours to kill because roadside assistance coverage is a waiting game.

But what if you need expert towing services on the double? Let’s say you locked your keys in your car….with the engine running….and the windshield wipers on…and the car radio blasting an embarrassing talk radio program? You want fast service, you want seasoned professionals, you want Towing Company Near me!

 Just because we charge less for towing doesn’t mean we cut corners or skimp on service. We offer the same white-glove towing and roadside services as the higher-priced companies, featuring the same modern flatbed trucks and the same attention to detail. The only difference between Cheap Towing and the expensive towing companies is the price – and the fact that we don’t own an answering machine because our business is alive and well 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Cheap Towing is Good Towing